1000DreamsFund: Funding College Dreams

I was looking for job postings on Ed2010 when I came across 1,000 Dreams Fund, created to help young women accomplish their academic goals with $1,000 scholarships. They’ve built this company with the concept of “opening doors” in mind.

For so long, the doors of education were closed to women. Nowadays, college isn’t a man’s world. There are just as many women, if not more, pursuing higher forms of education. That doesn’t need to stop. With the various expenses, a college education is anything but cheap. The 1,000 Dreams Fund is meant to take some of the financial burden off and further support the dreams of  young women in the U.S.

I’m all about that women power, so I was obviously excited to see someone doing something to make young womens’ dreams come true. Plus, you know. Money can help people get there.

To apply: http://1000dreamsfund.org

To read their blog: http://1000dreamsfund.tumblr.com

To follow them on Twitter: @1000DreamsFund

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